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Aziraphale's Little Friend

Aziraphale's little friend
6 June 1980
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I believe in fair warning: my crazy is contagious, don't make me laugh when I've got food in my mouth 'cause you'll wear it, and I will call bullshit on you no matter who you are. Just because I'm trying to be less sarcastic doesn't mean I'm not laughing at you.

Some days I work, some days I sloth about, and some days I play with matches. I am tragically unhip because coolness, like shame and jealousy, is something that happens to other people. If you are one of the cool kids, I am still willing to be your friend even if we can't sit at the same lunch table. We can't all have things in common. :)

I listen to most flavors of music, dance around the house in my underwear, and see nothing wrong with dressing like a superhero when I feel like it. I feel like it more often than is probably healthy. I'm reading the entire internet to give my brain something to chew on that isn't you. It also has a handy side bonus of giving me things to talk to you about, and since I don't shut up much it may as well be entertaining as long as you're listening to me voluntarily. About that: TMI happens here; you were warned and no one who knows me will have much sympathy for the scarring mental pictures you now cannot get rid of.

I'm a nonlethal embarrassment to my friends, but mostly they don't mind: it makes them feel more accepted not always being the craziest person in the room. Want me to read your blog or discuss an article? Link me. I AM that easy.

I am weird and unashamed. I live strong, love often, and laugh like a dork.

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